The Strategy to Fight the Woke Left’s Assault on the West

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As a constitutional law attorney, former senior legal advisor and personal counsel to President Donald J. Trump, Jenna Ellis believes in the rule of law and the importance of integrity in our elections. In each episode of the Jenna Ellis Show, she will tackle the critical cultural and legal issues our country faces.

Tuesday, September 5

Victor Davis Hanson, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and scholar, explains why the West is falling and why Republicans at large aren’t really interested in winning. Within obviously moral and legal guardrails, the conservative Right has to also be focused on outcomes. This paradigm shift into recognizing why Western Civilization is imperiled and why the system as the Right has generally accessed it is insufficient to fully address weaponized process and therefore weaponized outcomes explains why we haven’t been winning. This shift in using the process for outcomes not just precedent is now undergirding why Florida has been so successful for conservatism. Hanson describes how process and precedent is not to be preferred above or instead of specific outcomes. This isn’t exclusionary, but when in conflict, we cannot default sacrifice specific outcomes for general precedent, which has been the modus operandi for conservatism as a movement in law and policy. Hanson illustrates how the movement to dismantle the values of American democracy began in the late 1960s during the sexual revolution. As our nation became more secularized, institutions like churches and schools, which used to be unifying forces, lost their significance. As a result, the decline of family and religious identity has also led to a decline in national unity. 

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