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As a constitutional law attorney, former senior legal advisor and personal counsel to President Donald J. Trump, Jenna Ellis believes in the rule of law and the importance of integrity in our elections. In each episode of the Jenna Ellis Show, she will tackle the critical cultural and legal issues our country faces.

Red vs. Blue Debate: What did we learn?

Monday, December 4

Govs. Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom clashed in a debate Thursday night moderated by Sean Hannity. What did we learn? Jenna breaks down the key moments with her guests and provides analysis and reaction.

Is there hope for America?

Thursday, November 30

With all that is going on in the world and America’s political landscape, it can seem discouraging and even depressing to go into the holiday season. Pastor Jack Hibbs joins Jenna to discuss how to approach world events from a Christian worldview and have hope and joy in the truth of the Gospel of Christ! A timely and encouraging message, this discussion is for every Christian!

DEBATE: DeSantis vs. Newsom

Wednesday, November 29

Red vs. Blue is set to clash tomorrow night in a debate between Govs. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and Gavin Newsom (D-CA). This is the debate America deserves to underscore the differences in worldview ideology and how conservatives vs extreme leftists see the purpose of civil government. Jenna moderates a preview between conservative Newsweek editor Josh Hammer and former Obama staffer Robin Biro. What can we expect from the debate? We discuss!

The Democratic Plan for Decolonization

Tuesday, November 28

As the war between Israel and Hamas continues, the United States is considering accepting unvetted refugees. The obvious objective is to create more Democrat voters, but the left’s agenda toward “decolonization” is also at play. BlazeTV’s Auron MacIntyre joins to define this term as the leftists use it, why you need to understand it, and how the Speaker’s race can influence border and immigration policy.

Ireland’s Fight Against Extreme Hate Speech Laws

Monday, November 27

The Irish Prime Minister is attempting to force through Parliament this week the most draconian and Orwellian “hate speech” legislation in response to the Irish people protesting immigration policy. The West is falling and Europe—particularly Ireland—is a cautionary tale for the United States when a people does not have the same separation of powers and protections safeguarded in our US Constitution.What is happening in Ireland? Journalist and political activist Keith Woods gives a great overview and then Hermann Kelly, president of the Irish Freedom Party, discusses the political climate.

How to be Unaprolligetically Evangelical

Wednesday, November 22

Jenna is at the American Family Association headquarters with president and VP Tim and Walker Wildmon. They preview Jenna’s new radio show debuting on American Family Radio in January and how Christians in every aspect of life and ministry can and should be unapologetically evangelical. Why should we apologize for teaching and discussing Truth?

The Interests of Justice: Derek Chauvin

Tuesday, November 21

The US Supreme Court declined to hear former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s appeal in his conviction over the death of George Floyd. Jenna discusses the possible reasons why the Court refused to hear the appeal and that declining to give Chauvin a new trial is a travesty of Justice. Then, Raw Egg Nationalist joined in August to preview this appeal and predicted this outcome. We play that interview for you and why we need to talk about Derek.

Money: How is your government spending it

Monday, November 20

Guest host Tho Bishop, Content Director at the Mises Institute, joins to discuss the impact of the governments decisions with our money. What does it mean for our civil liberties?  Plus he takes a look at our influence on the recent Argentinian election.

Biden and China

Thursday, November 16

Artificial Intelligence has been in the background of automation conversations for years and questions of streamlining industries have largely valued mass output over quality control and ethical judgment. Elon Musk spoke about the AI risks to civilization with Tucker Carlson and is bringing mainline attention to this as the AI remains vastly underregulated. What happens when machines take over moral judgments for humans? Jake Denton, tech policy adviser for The Heritage Foundation joins to discuss in a fascinating conversation about a whole new frontier.

Nikki Haley is losing worse than we thought

Wednesday, November 15

 2024 is shaping up to be a fascinating presidential election with Robert Kennedy Jr polling at 22% with registered voters. Adam Creighton, Washington Correspondent with The Australian, joins to discuss how this may impact Republicans and Democrats. Also, Nikki Haley is being propped up by mainstream media as a serious contender for the GOP primary, but a closer look at her own home state of South Carolina tells a far different story, especially as Sen. Tim Scott drops out. SC State Sen. Josh Krimbrell gives Jenna the inside scoop!

Tis the Season!

Wednesday, November 15

The beginning of the holidays means the season of giving! Teaching the truth of the gospel of Christ is always in season, as is the joy of the Lord, and two amazing ministries for veterans and children are highlighted today and how you can give!First, Jenna speaks with Jeremy Stalnecker, founder of the Mighty Oaks Foundation, a nonprofit that helps military veterans overcome trauma and PTSD and have hope moving forward. Veteran suicide is always tragic, and Jeremy talks about the hope veterans find in moving forward.Then, Jenna speaks with Zac Vakadewatabua, who at age 9 growing up in Fiji, was a recipient of an Operation Christmas Child shoebox of gifts, and how he got saved through his church telling him someone loved him enough to send him toys and that God loves him even more!What a wonderful start to the season of JOY!

Insufficient evidence for Biden Impeachment?

Monday, November 13

New Speaker Mike Johnson was an ardent advocate for Biden’s “bribery” impeachment, and now is suggesting the is “insufficient evidence” for Biden’s impeachment—at least for now. Republicans have expressed frustration with this seeming backtrack, but are we too quick to criticize leaders? Jenna gives her take and then Article 3 Project attorney and founder, Mike Davis, joins to discuss.

GOP debate analysis: THE viral moment and more

Thursday, November 9

The third GOP debate is in the books, and Jenna discusses the viral moments, winners and losers, and much more with Vivek 2024 deputy communications director Stefan Mychajliw and Mises content director Tho Bishop. If you missed the debate, don’t miss this recap!

MAGA vs. Winning: What do the GOP candidates need to say in tonight’s debate?

Wednesday, November 8

The third GOP debate is tonight, coming the day after significant Republican losses in the 2023 election in KY, OH, and VA. Are the Democrats right that this signaled a repudiation of MAGA and Donald Trump? If so, what do the other GOP primary candidates need to say tonight? We preview it all with Vivek Ramaswamy’s deputy communications director Stefan Mychajliw and DeSantis supporter John Cardillo.

Election Day! Key Races and Issues

Tuesday, November 7

Election Day 2023 is here and Jenna is encouraging you to get out and vote your values!! She discusses two key governors races plus Ohio Issue 1 and why this abortion legislation is more extreme than the left will tell you. Ryan Helfenbein and Frank Pavone join to discuss.

Should Funding Israel’s War be a Priority for Congress?

Monday, November 6

Conservatives and Republicans are debating Speaker Mike Johnson’s prioritizing aid to Israel over domestic policy, with Tucker Carlson suggesting this isn’t America First. Auron McIntyre from Blaze Media joins to discuss conservative priorities.Plus, Jenna gives her thoughts on a recent TownHall piece highlighting how the Democrats are trying to use a standard of “ethics” for SCOTUS as a thinly-veiled scheme to remake the Supreme Court.

Left’s Agenda: Discord and Divided?

Thursday, November 2

The LGB is splitting from the TQ+, and conservatives are finding allies against the leftist transgender movement. In a fascinating discussion, Mary Fay, a Republican office holder in Connecticut and open lesbian, describes how most of the LGB community is opposed to transgenderism and especially what the left is doing to children. In the original battle for equality, Mary says that all she wanted was to live her life like a traditional family, and adding all the TQ+ and current flag does not represent the views of the LGB. Like feminists who want to protect women’s sports, LGB want to protect equal rights from the transgender movement.

U.S. Aid to Israel?

Wednesday, November 1

The House is back at work, and already the Republican Senate leadership is seemingly undermining new Speaker Mike Johnson, with Minority Leader Mitch McConnell opposing a single-issue vote on aid to Israel, ostensibly so that funding would also have to continue to Ukraine. Jenna discusses and then Rep. Chip Roy joins with his idea to not write any more “blank checks” but send aid to Israel by defunding some other appropriation. This makes a lot of sense and his plan is excellent!

Reformation Day!

Tuesday, October 31

October 31, 1517, Martin Luther, a German monk, posted a theological argument known as the 95 Theses on the door of a church in Wittenberg, Germany. Why do Protestant Christians celebrate this, almost 500 years later, and what lessons can we take away from this event in church and world history? Jenna discusses why “sola scriptura” is essential to the Christian life, and also suggests how you can commemorate Reformation Day today with your family!

Yes, Speaker Johnson is a Christian and will bring his faith to work.

Monday, October 30

The U.S. House of Representatives finally has chosen its new speaker, and Jenna is here to dispel the myths about Speaker Mike Johnson from all sides: No, he’s not a RINO, yes, he is a Christian and THAT’S GOOD! Plus, she talks about her personal friendship with Johnson and why she believes he is the best person for the job. Then, Rep. Bob Good joins to discuss religion in politics and what the new Speaker’s plan is for the next few weeks for appropriations.