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As a constitutional law attorney, former senior legal advisor and personal counsel to President Donald J. Trump, Jenna Ellis believes in the rule of law and the importance of integrity in our elections. In each episode of the Jenna Ellis Show, she will tackle the critical cultural and legal issues our country faces.

Major Alabama Supreme Court ruling, Texas primaries underway, and Conflict in the Middle East escalates

Thursday, February 22

Auron Macintyre - Alabama Supreme Court rules that embryos are children under the law. - 00:24 Matt Rinaldi - Texas has begun early voting, and there is dissatisfaction with how the house speaker has represented the republican party. - 09:28 Josh Hammer- Israel has bombed Syria again, and Cuba blames the United States for the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. - 18:37 Pedro Gonzalez - There is a push for public schools and private universities to team up with the Biden administration and indoctrinate students. - 27:34 Jeremy Stalnecker - The Mighty Oaks Foundation works with veterans and first responders to help those with trauma from combat or otherwise.

Biden, Election Integrity, and The Chief's Parade Shooting

Friday, February 16

Ron Coleman joins to discuss Joe Biden's mental competency - 9:15 J Christian Adams speaks on Election Fraud in the form of deceased voters - 17:06 Auron MacIntyre of the Blaze talks about Chief's parade shooting - 24:48 Will Chamberlain discusses presidential immunity and Ballot cases - 32:38 

He Saves Us

Wednesday, February 14

One ad in particular went viral after Super Bowl Sunday, titled “He Gets Us,” which many Christians said was a false or incomplete presentation of Christ and no mention of the Gospel. Jaimie Bambrick, a pastor, decided to make a 60-second ad that was a truthful presentation of the Gospel: He SAVES Us. Jamie joins Jenna to discuss the inspiration behind the ad that should have run. And you’re gonna want to watch the video version of this show!

The Dangers of DEI

Monday, February 12

Americans have enjoyed the blessings of liberty so long that we have become asleep at the wheel. We can’t resolve problems and find solutions that we can’t first identify. Dr. Carol Swain joins to discuss her new book, The Adversity of Diversity, which provides critical insight into the Left’s push for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and how many on the Right are tacitly embracing it to our peril. The Left wants us focused on top-level news of the day while they dismantle Western Civilization and true civil liberties.

Should Donald Trump Be Removed From The Ballot

Thursday, February 8

Jenna is joined by Jordan Sekulow, Executive Director at ACLJ, to discuss the Supreme Court case concerning the legitimacy of Donald Trump being left off the ballot in Colorado. Plus, there are rumors Ronna McDaniel could step down as RNC Chair, reporter at Redstate Jennifer Van Laar, joins to break it down.

Father Loses Parental Rights Over Son's Forced Gendar Transotion

Tuesday, February 6

Dennis Hannon, has been denied by a New York family court official his legal right to stop his son from taking life changing hormones that would begin his medical transition into a girl.

Presidential Immunity: the Ex Ante

Tuesday, February 6

Jenna breaks down the DC Circuit opinion on presidential immunity. While a lot of people have strong opinions about President Trump, Jenna discusses the legal issues surrounding presidential immunity: what it actually is, what it should be, and what the Supreme Court should do on appeal. 

The Border Crisis and Election Integrity

Thursday, February 1

Articles of Impeachment are moving forward in the House against Secretary Mayorkas for failing to enforce the law at the border and lying to lawmakers. Rep. Jim Jordan joins to discuss and confirms when the articles will be voted on by the full House. Then, election attorney Cleta Mitchell joins, sounding the alarm over the threat of non-citizens voting in November, where we’re at in the election integrity process, and how you can help in your local states and precincts.

Taylor Swift: Fed or Psyop?

Wednesday, January 31

Con, Inc. “influencers” have been advancing the theory that Taylor Swift’s relationship with NFL player Travis Kelce is a “psyop” meant to disrupt and influence the 2024 election for Biden. Some are even suggesting she’s a fed plant. Conservative commentator Jon Root joins Jenna to break down the theories and analyze truth versus clickbait.

Florida Plan to Rein in Federal Government

Tuesday, January 30

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis held a press conference to unveil legislation to petition for amendments to the U.S. Constitution to rein in federal power. Press Secretary Jeremy Redfern joins to discuss the Florida plan and why federalism matters, especially on the border wars. Then, Mark Meckler, founder of the Convention of States Project joins to discuss how the proposed Florida petition mirrors much of the already passed Florida petition for the DeSantis-endorsed COS Project. Jenna and Mark also break down some common myths about Article V and why DeSantis is right to call for the states to propose amendments.

Taylor 2024?

Monday, January 29

2024 is a weird year, and it’s only January. Speculation is running wild on the Democrat ticket side that Joe Biden will be replaced, and could it be Taylor Swift? She’s now the biggest name in the NFL, Time’s Person of the Year, and will be of age to run as of this year. We’ve heard more wild theories. As BlazeTV columnist, Auron MacIntyre wrote on X in a now viral tweet, who would have thought?! But this is 2024 and Ben Shapiro is also the top-charted rapper in the country. Jenna and Auron break it all down today!

Civil War?

Thursday, January 25

Gov. Greg Abbott has responded to the Supreme Court decision Monday that allowed the Biden Admin’s border patrol to cut down barbed wire fences that are helping to protect against the invasion of migrants. Now, more red states are joining him in his response, appealing to the US Constitution and state sovereignty. We are in a constitutional crisis, but are we on the brink of civil war? Jenna breaks it all down and how conservatives should think about the clash between the states and the feds.

The Reality Behind the 2020 Covid Response

Wednesday, January 24

The deep state and big tech have sought to censor the truth about the covid response, and prevent and destroy any discussion or disagreement with government’s preferred narrative. Dr. Jay Battacharya pulls back the curtain and brings us to February 2020, going through his own experience with analyzing the covid narrative against the facts and his meeting with President Trump in August 2020. This is everything you’ve wanted to know about Operation Warp Speed and even why Trump didn’t fire Dr. Fauci.

Supreme Court Takes Sides in Texas Border Dispute

Tuesday, January 23

The U.S. Supreme Court sided with the Biden Administration in a controversy involving a razor wire fence on the Texas and Mexico border. The 5-4 decision allows the federal government to enter private property in Texas and cut down the fencing. Texas State Republican Party Chair Matt Rinaldi and Huffines Liberty Foundation president and former Texas gubernatorial candidate Don Huffines join Jenna to discuss the legal and political implications and propose solutions for how Texas must maintain its sovereignty and control the border.

Alistair Begg Caves to the LGBTQ Movement

Monday, January 22

Shocking and baffling Christians, renowned Scottish pastor Alistair Begg suggested in an interview on his podcast Truth for Life that Christians attend LGBTQ wedding ceremonies. Is he right or is he caving to the Left? Jenna plays the full context of Begg’s comments and discusses how to think about this from a biblical worldview and why we should approach this issue as a matter of moral truth that God has already judged rather than with flexible standards or as a “wisdom” issue.

Artificial Intelligence and the Ongoing War in the Middle East

Wednesday, January 17

Vice President and General Counsel for NetChoice, Carl Szabo, discusses A.I. and how it can be beneficial to Israel and the U.S. in fighting terrorism. As our elected officials are responding with attempting to “pause” A.I. research and development, Carl suggests that’s the absolute worst response — and explains why.